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The real essence of our story

Welcome to our website.

We have written this page to get you up to speed in a clear and precise way.

Because we have a story to tell. A story about confronting fears and finding the courage to go down new paths.
A story about transformational leadership!

In the work we do every day, we apply two fundamental beliefs, both to individuals and organizations.

  • First of all, we love to go to the essence / the core of things. We believe it is the only way to unlock situations and create momentum. This is clearly shown in our logo.
  • Secondly, we are convinced that we live in times where we strongly need a renewed balance. In order to do so, we should focus on ‘who we truly are’ and ‘why we are here’.

That is why we approach transformations from two sides. The ‘hard’ side, by providing company wise, very seasoned Project / Program Managers and Change / Transformation Practitioners. But also from the ‘soft’ side, in making available to individuals and organizations, highly skilled Business Trainers and Business Coaches. Yin and Yang, if you wish!

What clients indeed value most when working with Vade Ad Cor, is the unique mix between the ‘business’ side and the ‘human’ side of change, which we bring to each mission we embark on.  

When we are described by clients, the most frequently used words are:

  • Strategic
  • Leadership
  • Authentic
  • Intense
  • Warm

We hope this will trigger you to read on…!


"The only constant in live, is change."